The Sunday School Teachers’ Training Programme

To equip Sunday School teachers to correctly handle the Word of God and be effective in the Sunday School ministry, the Sunday School Teachers’ Training Programme was drawn up in 1989 to cover the following subjects up to 1991:

1. Biblical Doctrines.

2. Church History.

3. Hermeneutics.

4. Old Testament Survey.

5. New Testament Survey.

6. Bible History.

7. Christian Counselling.

8. Cults.

9. Teaching Methods.

Each module was to be covered in 12 weeks. The training course was first conducted during the Sunday School hour for some teachers and potential teachers. However, due to shortage of teachers and the short duration of one hour each week, the modular course was later conducted on Wednesday nights. From October 1989 to late January 1992, only the first four subjects were covered. Each class comprised of about 10 participants.

Sunday School Teachers’ Seminars are held to update and to highlight some contemporary issues that Christians faced. Attendance at these sessions is compulsory for all teachers.

Past Topics included the following:

1990 Cults
Pastoral Ministry and How It Involves Us (by Pastor Huang)

1991 Culture, Traditions, Festivals & The Christian
Role of Women in the Church & Pulpit Ministry (by Pastor Huang)

1992 Premillenialism, Amillenialism & Postmillenialism
Biblical Separation

1993 Dealing with Cults & Roman Catholicism (by Dr Eugene Chua)
Principles of Involvement with Para-Church Organisations

1994 Creation or Evolution ( by Dr Aw Swee Eng)

1995 Genesis 1-11 (by Dr Aw Swee Eng)
Early Church History (by Dr Tan Keng Chiew)