The Qualifications of a Sunday School Teacher

A. The Person

1. The person must be a born-again Christian.

2. The person must have been baptised and have been a member of the Fellowship for not less than three years.

3. The person must have been a regular Sunday School pupil for not less than three years immediately before being appointed as a Sunday School teacher and has also been regular in general church attendance (eg. Breaking of Bread Service, Preaching Service and Prayer Meeting).

4. The person must have read the Bible at least twice and is presently a diligent Bible student.

5. The person must be of good repute and have good Christian testimony.

6. The person must adhere to the faith, doctrinal stand and practices of the Fellowship.

B. The Work

1. The person must have demonstrated the ability to teach the Bible.

2. The person must be willing to undergo any training courses conducted or recommended by the Fellowship.

3. The person must preferably be committed to the preparation and teaching of the Sunday School for at least two years.

4. The person must be dedicated to his role as a Sunday School teacher in teaching, counselling, visitation and follow-up of the pupils of his class.

5. The person must cooperate with the Sunday School Committee and fellow- teachers in executing the plans and discharging the responsibilities designated by the Fellowship or the Sunday School Committee.

 (Note: The Qualifications of a SS Teacher is taken from FCF Manual on Guidelines for Appointment of Sunday School Teachers, Management Council Meeting 9.5.88)