The Flood

Genesis (Chapter 1 to 11) – Be Basic
The Flood

Noah and his Family:

Let’s first review the spiritual state of most people at that time. People on earth were not walking close to God. It was a world filled with vice, corruption and violence (Gen 6:11). Out of this group of people, God set His eyes on Noah and his family and chose to save them. Noah was deemed as a godly man and he was chosen based on God’s grace.

Here, we can see the plan that God has for Noah and his family. As God revealed his plan, Noah and his family followed it closely and faithfully. They trusted that God has the Best and Perfect plan despite how “silly” it may seem in the eyes of other men.

The dimensions of the Ark were provided by God and from this slide, you can see the graphical representation how it looks like. Noah and his family followed these dimension to build the exact ark that God wanted.

Here we can see another demonstration of God’s sovereign power, Noah did not have to gather the animals into the Ark. Under the guidance of God, the animals came to Noah “automatically”. The type of animals selected were 7 pairs of every kind of clean animals (male and female) and 1 pair of every kind of unclean animals.

This is to ensure that there would still be animals on earth after the flood. In the next few slides, we would focus on the Flood itself.

Extent and Impact of the Flood – Here we see the extent and impact of the Flood. In total, Noah and his family stayed in the Ark for 1 year and 10 days.

Was the flood universal or isolated? – From God’s Word, we can infer that the flood was universal and the entire earth was buried under water. (Gen 7:22).

Why did God allow the universal flood? – The Flood was God’s judgment to mankind for the sinful life they were leading. However, God’s grace is also shown in the way He spared Noah and his family so as to preserve a remnant and allow the continuation of the human race.

Now we will look at what happened after the Flood – God made a covenant with Noah and his descendants that He would never send another flood to destroy all life on earth ever again. God even gave a sign, the Rainbow to emphasize His promise. Each time we spot a rainbow in the sky, may we be remained of God’s covenant which has been kept since Noah’s time till today. This shows the steadfastness of God to the promises that He makes.

Eight people (of humanity) remained or survived. Topography and geology of the earth changed. We believed the fossils were formed and bore witness to this great Noahic Deluge.

The last portion, involves looking at the analogy between the Flood and Jesus Christ.

  • Firstly, let’s look at Death and Burial – during the flood, the earth was “dead” and “buried” by the waters. In the same way, Jesus died on the cross and was buried.
  • Next, the Resurrection – while all on earth was buried, the Ark rose to bring safety to Noah and his family. In the same way, Jesus rose from the dead to provide us with salvation.
  • Finally, the Invitation – God invited Noah and his family to enter the Ark and be safe from destruction and they accepted the invitation. As for most of us, God also issued us an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as our personal saviour, what is/was our response to Him?

The Ark:

Dimension of the Ark

The Ark

450 ft long by 75 ft wide by 45 ft high or 138 m long by 23 m wide by 14 m high

The Animals:

Under the guidance of God, the animals came to Noah (Gen 7:15).  Thus demonstrating God’s sovereign power. Types of animals (Gen 6:20):

  • Every kind of birds,
  • Every kind of animals that moves on the ground,
  • Gen 7:2, God commanded Noah to take seven pairs of every kind of clean animals (male and female)
    • Some will be used for sacrifice.
  • One pair of every kind of unclean animals
  • Objective is for the animals to reproduce after the flood.

The Extent and Impact:

  • Rain for 40 days (Gen 7:17),
  • Water continue to flood the earth for 150 days.  Even the highest mountain peak was covered by water (Gen 7:20, Gen 7:24),
  • Another 150 days for the water to recede (Gen 8:3),
  • Another 2 months and 10 days, Noah and his family left the Ark and set the animals free,
  • In total Noah, his family and the animals stayed in the Ark for 1 year and 10 days,
  • The flood was universal and not isolated to certain parts of earth.  If it is only isolated spot on earth, God could have just tell Noah to move to higher grounds and not ask him to build the Ark on dry ground,
  • In addition, Gen 6:17, God mentioned that He will destroy all creature that has the “breath of life in its nostrils”. (Gen 7:22).

Why did it happen?

  • Why did God allow the flood?  The Great Flood shows us the judgment from God as God hates sins
  • However, God’s grace was shown to Noah and his family by preserving them during the flood.

Covenant between God and Noah (Gen 9:12-17):

  • After the Flood, God established a covenant that includes Noah’s descendants & all living creatures of every kind,
  • God promised never to send another flood to destroy all life on earth.  God used the word “Never again” (Gen 9:11,15) to emphasis this point,
  • The sign God used to emphasise His promise was the Rainbow,
  • Through the Rainbow, God established the covenant between Himself and all life on earth (Gen 9:17).

Aftermath/Effects of the Flood

  • Eight people (of humanity) remained or survived,
  • Topography and geology of the earth changed
    • We believed the fossils were formed and bore witness to this great Noahic Deluge.

Analogy between the Flood and Jesus Christ

Anology between the Flood & Jesus Christ