1. Doctrinal Issues

a. Doctrine and Practices of the Charismatic Movement
b. Premillenialism, Amillienialism & Postmillenialism (SSTS 2/92)
c. Biblical Separation (SSTS 10/92)

2. Specific Issues

a. Why We Do Not Celebrate Christmas
b. Fallacies of Easter
c. Should Christian Celebrate Christmas?
d. Participation in Politics by Christians (SSTS 10/89)
e. Christian Fellowship
f. Dealing With Cults (SSTS 5/90,2/93)
g. Roman Catholicism (SSTS 2/93)
h. Principles of Involvement in Para-Church Organisations (SSTS 10/93)
i. Pastoral Ministry and How It Involves Us (SSTS 10/90)
j. Culture, Traditions, Festivals & the Christian (SSTS 3/91)
k. The Role of Women in Church & Pulpit Ministry (SSTS 10/91)

3. How to interpret the Bible ( Work in Progress)

4. Index for FISHERS Magazine (Past Issues, Titles, Authors and Catergory)
a. Issues 1 to 50
b. Issues 51 to 100
c. Issues 101 to 150
d. Issues 151 to 200 

5. Compiled Sunday School Resource Material
a. General
– Introduction to Sunday School Resource Material
– Animals (A-G) 
– Animals (H-Z) 
– Birds (A-O) 
– Birds (P-Z) 
– Plants (A-L) 
– Plants (M-Z) 
– Trees 
– Sheeps, Goats and Shepherding 
– Insects, Worms and Arachnids of the Bible 
– Herbs, Aromatics and Spices 
– Dwellings in the Biblical Period 
– Fortifications in the Biblical Period 
– Land Travel in the Biblical Period 
– Money, Money-Changers and Tax Collectors in the Biblical Period 
– Biblical Metrology and Time Keeping 
– Archaeological Sites and Place Name 
– Architectural Archaeological Elements 
– F Jenkins, Biblical Artefacts Louvre 
– F Jenkins, Biblical Artefacts British Museum 
– Glossary and Bibliography 
– NT Archaeology by Dr Blomberg 
– OT Archaeology by Dr Blomberg 

b. New Testament
– Jesus Early Years 
– Jesus Parables 
– Jesus Parable and Similes 
– Jesus Popularity 
– Jesus Opposition 
– Jesus Obscurity 
– Jesus Last Months 
– Jesus Trial and Crucifixion 
– Jesus Burial and Post Resurrection 
– Acts of the Apostles 1st Journey 
– Acts of the Apostles 2nd Journey 
– Acts of the Apostles 3rd Journey 
– Acts of the Apostles, Paul 
– Acts of the Apostles Peter and Philip 
– Acts of the Apostles Rome Journey 
– Paul’s Epistles on Romans, Corinthians 
– Paul’s Epistles on Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon 
– Paul’s Epistles on Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus 
– Peter Epistles on Jude 

c. New Testament General
– Accuracy of Luke and the Acts 
– Galilee Fishing and Fish 
– Harmony of Life of Christ 
– Rulers in New Testament Times 
– New Testament Religious Movements 
– Temple of Herod 

d. Old Testament
– Genesis (1-11) 
– Genesis (12-17) 
– Genesis (18-26) 
– Genesis (27-50) 
– Exodus (1-6) 
– Exodus (7-40) 
– Numbers 
– Joshua (1-8) 
– Judges (1-8) 
– Judges (9-21) 
– Song of Solomon (1-3) 
– Song of Solomon (4-8) 
– Daniel 
– King David 
– King Solomon 
– Northern Kingdom of Israel 
– Southern Kingdom of Judah 
– Saul and Ish-bosheth 
– Nahum and Nineveh 
– Persia and Return of Exiles 

6. Sermons

a. Book of Job – by Dr Derek W. H. Thomas, author of the Bible Commentary “The Storm Breaks”

b. Contents:

Job 1:1-22When the Storm Breaks
Job 2:1-10It Never Rains but it Pours
Job 3:1-26Where is God When Life Hurts?
Job 4-7When Counseling Doesn’t Help
Job 8-9If Only There Were Someone to Arbitrate
Job 16-19My Redeemer Lives
Job 28Where Can Wisdom be Found?
Job 32-37Enter Elihu – Help at Last!
Job 38-39When God Speaks in our Anguish
Job 40-41Behemoth and Leviathan
Job 42Hope Returns