Report of Pastor Huang’s Sharing on Sunday School Teachers’ Meeting

(on 1 Sep 1991)

1. Sunday School Teachers and Pastoral Ministry

At the outset, Pastor Huang shared on Colossians 1:28-29. Teachers are reminded of our role as teachers in teaching biblical truths leading to spiritual growth with the ultimate aim of spiritual perfection. Thus our role is not only to impart knowledge and put into practice but also to extend pastoral care for our students.

With the introduction and implementation of pastoral ministry by the elders and deacons, teachers will supplement what the elders and deacons will be doing. Pastor stressed that Sunday School teachers know their students best and can help to monitor their general progress and church attendance. Teachers may invite the elders and deacons to accompany them when they visit their students. Teachers may seek the advice and assistance of the elders and deacons on church discipline and doctrinal issues which are beyond their ability to handle the situations. It will be left to the teachers’ discretion to confidentially keep the information or decide whether to refer their students to the elders and deacons. However, disciplinary action will only be exercised by the church.

Each baptised member is under the charge of one elder or deacon. To enhance better interaction between teachers, elders and deacons, the name list will be given to the teachers and teachers are to record the respective names of elders/deacons in the Sunday School record books. The non-baptised members will be looked after by the church staff.

2. Sunday School Materials

The Sunday School Department has proposed a change of Sunday School materials from the Southern Baptist to the Accent materials. Pastor pointed out that the former was a good and comprehensive system. However, there is a doctrinal shift. More than 60% of the pastors and theologians think that the Bible has some errors. There is also a shift to Charismatic movement and they are agreeable to the charismatics. We have already completed the first 8-year cycle and it is time to change the materials. Some teachers are not finding the Southern Baptist teachers’ manuals useful.

The Accent materials are of the Independent Baptist and have been in circulation for a number of years. The quality and presentation are superior to the Southern Baptist materials. Samples of the materials will be ordered and made available for teachers to preview before we embark on the new materials sometime in April 1992 so that teachers will be psychologically and technically prepared for the change of materials.