Voices for Revival – Study of Minor Prophets (Pre-Exilic Period)
Book of Micah

Book on Micah

The author is Micah and his name is the shortened form of Micayahu which means “Who is like Yahweh?”

Micah was a prophet from a town called Moresheth in Judea. Its about 25 miles southwest of Jerusalem near the Philistine city of Gath.

He was a contemporary of Isaiah and Amos. Micah was a country preacher, while Isaiah was a court preacher.

Micah was God’s final prophet to the northern kingdom.

He was the only prophet sent to both the southern and northern kingdoms. He ministered especially to the capitals of these kingdoms i.e. Jerusalem and Samaria.

Micah predicted that Samaria would be utterly destroyed which happened during the invasion of Judah by the Assyrians.

Assyrian Empire

And Jerusalem and the Holy Temple would be destroyed by the Babylonians (which was approximately 115 yrs later). The people would be captured and exiled in Babylon but they would one day return back to the Promise land and there is future restoration of Israel.

Micah also predicted the birth of Christ in Bethlehem who will destroy all Israel’s enemies and He will reign forever.

Key Themes:

Micah's Key Themes

• Perverting Faith: God will judge the false prophets, dishonest leaders, and selfish priests in Israel and Judah. While they were appeared to be carrying out religious ceremonies, their true motives was to seek for money and influence. To mix selfish motives with an empty display of religion is to pervert faith.
Oppression: Micah predicted ruin for all nations and leaders who were oppressive toward others. The upper classes oppressed and exploited the poor. Yet nobody was speaking against them or stopped them.
King Of Peace: God promised a new King. Hundreds of years before Christ’s birth, God promised that the eternal King would be born in Bethlehem. It is God’s great plan to restore his people through the Messiah.
Pleasing God: Micah preached that God’s greatest desire was not the offering of sacrifices at the temple. God delights in faith that produces justice , love for others and obedience to him.