Jeremiah’s Ministry

Jeremiah – Light Beyond the Darkness

Jeremiah’s Ministry

a. As Prophet

  • Role of a Prophet – Someone who speaks for God and interprets His will to man
  • Proclaims the word of God
  • Admonishes and reproves
  • Threatens the people with the terrors of divine judgement
  • Reveals God’s plan for the future
  • Calls the people to repentance

b. As intermediary between God and Judah

  • Pleaded with Judah to return to God
  • Pointed out Judah’s sins
  • Warned Judah of the consequences of their disobedience
  • Interceded for Judah
  • A source of comfort with his messages of restoration

c. Message to Judah and Israel

  • Message of Destruction:
    – Exile to Babylon for 70 yrs
  • Message of Restoration:
    – Israel will be restored and delivered
    – Israel will never cease to be a nation
    – People will return to the Lord and serve Him
    – A new covenant between God and his people
    – Gentiles will be allowed to participate in the blessings
    – The Messiah will arise from the line of David

d. Messages to other nations (in the 4th year of King Johoiakim)

e. Complementary ministry with his contemporaries

– The years shown in this chart is not to scale.

  • Jeremiah’s ministry in Judah from 627BC to 586BC stretched over the rule of 5 kings until the fall of Jerusalem.
    King Josiah ruled Judah from 640BC to 609BC. He was succeeded by King Jehoahaz, who ruled only 3 months.
    And then King Jehoiakim came on the throne from 609BC to 598BC.
    This was followed by another short term of King Jehoiachim and finally the last king of Judah was King Zedekiah, who ruled from 597BC to 586BC.
  • Jeremiah’s ministry also coincided with 4 other prophets. They were Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Daniel and Ezekiel:
    • Zephaniah (his name means “Hidden by Jehovah”) – ministered to Judah from 640BC to 621BC, during King Josiah’s reign. His prophesies may have motivated King Josiah’s reforms in reversing the evil trends set by the 2 previous kings of Judah – Manasseh and Amon.
       Messages of warning and destruction of Judah
       Messages of judgement of other nations – Philisines, Moab, Ammon, Ethiopia and Assyria.
       Messages of restoration – prophesied on the coming of the Messiah
    • Habakkuk (his name means “Wrestler”) – became a prophet in 612BC and his ministry ended in 589BC, 3 years before Jerusalem fell in 586BC.
       Message of judgement of Judah and Babylon – spoke of how Babylon would be used to punish Judah. Babylon will also be judged eventually
    • Daniel (his name means “God is my Judge”) – was taken captive and deported to Babylon in 605BC. There he served in the government for about 60 years during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius and Cyrus. He had his first vision in 553BC. Daniel’s ministry eventually ended in 536BC.
       Message of God’s plan for the nations – visions of how 4 empires will rule the world
       Prophesies of the Messiah
    • Ezekiel (his name means “God strengthens me”) – was a younger contemporary of Jeremiah. While Jeremiah ministered to the people still in Judah, Ezekiel prophesied to those already exiled in Babylon after the defeat of King Jehoiachin. Ezekiel was among the captives taken to Babylon in 597BC. His ministry started in 593BC and ended in 571BC.
       Message of judgement of Judah and neighbouring nations – punish the neighbouring nations of Ammon, Moab, Philistine, Tyre, Sidon and Egypt.

Message of restoration – Like Jeremiah, Ezekiel also prophesied the time when Israel and Judah would be united in Palestine. The people will turn to God and the Messiah will come and destroy the enemies.
The temple will also be built again.