Jeremiah the Person

Jeremiah – Light Beyond the Darkness

Jeremiah The Person

a. Life History

  • Jeremiah was a Jew
  • Name means “Yahweh shall exalt”
  • Date of birth around 643 BC
  • Father – Hilkiah (a priest)
  • Stoned to death in Egypt at age 70

b. Social Life

  • A lonely person (15:10, 53:3), had no wife
  • Experienced rejection by own family (12:6), people of Anathoth and Jerusalem
  • Had few friends – Ahikam (26:24), Gedadiah (39:14), Ebed-melech (38:7-13) and Baruch, his scribe
  • Considered a traitor (15:10, 11:18)

c. Faith

  • Cherished the Word of God
  • Intimate fellowship with God (20:7)
  • A fearless prophet (15:20)
  • Condemned commercialism of temple worship (7:11) and false teachings

d. Character

  • Melancholic
  • Timid and humble by nature, but fearless and determined in delivering God’s message
  • Triumph of spiritual over physical nature
  • Known as the “weeping prophet”
    – wrote Lamentations

e. Ministry

  • His career spanned 5 kings : Josiah, Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin and Zedekiah
  • A prophetic career lasting more than 40 years (626BC to 586BC)

f. Highlights

  • Encountered more opposition than any other prophet
  • Steadfast and faithful despite obstacles
  • The only prophet who recorded his own feelings as he ministered
  • Displayed a close personal relationship with God regardless of persecution