Issues / Conclusion

Genesis (Chapter 1 to 11) – Be Basic
Issues / Conclusion

The Age of the Universe:

The secular world think that the age of the Earth is 4.5 billion years ld. We Christians will use God’s Word especially from Genesis, 1 Chronicles and other parts of the Old Testament to show that it is only about 6000 years old.

We begin with Genesis 5 and 11, and continue with the events and time of Abraham and his descendants into the Promised Land. You follow the Chart and it’s Time Scale. With Bible as truthful and authentic, we know the rocks, fossils and all things of the Earth cannot be millions or more years old.

The Age of the Universe

Bible Verses Evolution/Liberalism Theories:

Bible Verses Evolution Theories

Alternate / Liberal Views / Veracity of the Bible:

Today, Genesis is under attack as never before – not only by sceptics who ridicule it, but also by non-literal Christians who blatantly misrepresent what the text says. They try to make it conform to the conclusions of certain facets of science with its anti-theistic pre-suppositions.

The Bible is not only about faith or morality:
i. The creation issue for example is about whether the Bible or modern science is the authority in what happened in the Earth’s past. The Bible is the Maker’s eyewitness account and it never errs (John 10:35).

ii. The Sovereignty of God’s issue. This is seen in the four notable events (Creation, the Fall, the Flood, and Babel) and in God’s relationship to notable people like Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

There is a unifying theme to the whole of Genesis, which fails if any of the events is not true to history; each event reinforces the historicity of all the other events.

We must believe that God created the world in six solar days; that there was then rebellion, an actual Adam and Eve, followed by the entry of death, suffering and carnivory into a once perfect world.

Genesis is an account of world history from Creation to the beginning of the Messianic people, Israel.

Genesis is an eyewitness account of the past, which cannot be repeated.

Genesis is more about history than science, but it included science as in biology, geology and anthropology. Moses’s purpose, under God was to write an authentic, historical and facture account.

If we cannot trust the numbers or facts about Creation or the Flood, then what other parts of the Bible can we also not trust? Since the first temptation of human kind, doubt and subtlety have always been the weapons against truth and righteousness by the evil one.

Let us believe every word of Genesis and the whole Bible (the inspired infallible Word).