Galatians – Living by Grace
– Presented on 16 Apr 06 by the Adult ‘I’ Class (Teacher: Alan Lee)


Why was the epistle on Galatians written?

Galatians is a classic statement of the doctrine of justification by grace through faith.

As the Gospel began to be preached in Gentile territory and Gentiles began to profess their faith in Christ, some problems begin to arise. These problems were raised by the Jews:

•  What’s the relationship of the Gentiles to the Law of Moses, were they allow to ignore it?

•  What about the rite of circumcision?

•  What about table fellowship? Can Jews and Gentile eat together and eat the same food?

If salvation is for all, is faith in Christ sufficient? Are faith+works needed to complete justification?

False teachers proclaimed that faith in Christ was insufficient, that the converts must be circumcised and keep the Law and Paul’s doctrine of the Gospel was wrong.

Hence Galatians was written to counter false teachers who believed a person must keep the Jewish law in order to be right with God.