Gospel of John
– The presentation was conducted on 1 May 05 by Adult ‘J’ Class (Teacher: Dr Tan SB)

The Gospel of John, also known as the Gospel of Love, Gospel of Faith, was written about 50 years after the author witnessed the events he described. It is easily the simplest and yet the most profound of the Gospels, and for many people it is the greatest and the most powerful.

It begins with God revealing Himself to humanity. John’s Gospel is however not about the life of Jesus (ie. His biography), but it seeks to openly disclose who Jesus was, and is the heavenly sent eternal Son of God, and is the only source of eternal life.

Jesus Christ is revealed in power, magnificence, love and grace. Thus it is recognized as the “spiritual Gospel” for its clear and powerful presentation of Jesus as the eternal Son of God.

Unlike the other 3 Gospels, it is not primarily chronological but topical. The author compiled his Gospel around the miracles Jesus performed and discourses in which Jesus confronts His listener with clear and bold claims to be God in flesh.

We hereby present this distinctive enlightening Gospel under these headings or topics to highlight certain features.