Job – Part 2: The Lord Jehovah Speaks
– Presented on 31 Oct 10 by the Adult ‘B’ Class (Teacher: Raymond Lee & Andy Tan)

1. The second part of the Book of Job will cover from Chapters 38 to 42, where we titled it as ‘The Lord Jehovah Speaks’.

Plot and Structure – Overview and understanding of the Book of Job.

2. The basic structure of Job consists of Prose beginning and ending narrative ie. the Prologue in chapters 1 and 2, and the Epilogue in chapter 42:7-17.

3. The Poetic Body, from chapter 3:1 to chapters 42:6, spans between them.

4. Three of the Poetry Sections are in Monologue.

5. The remaining 3 Poetry Sections consist of dialogue:

  • Between Job with his three friends & Elihu, and
  • God eventually speaks to Job.

6. The 42 chapters are further plotted into the 8 boxes shown in the u/m diagram:

Plot & Structure

Advice and Response

7. A summary of the speeches between Job and his friends, and finally God’s response. It also gives us an overview on the Book of Job, which helps us to simply re-collect, what we have learned thus far and move on to the last 5 chapters.

Advice & Response

8. This above slide summarizes how Job’s 4 friends have helped Job in 3 key areas, namely:

a. How they have help Job,
b. How they explain Job’s pain, and
c. Their advice to Job.

9. Next we see Job responding to his friends as follows:

a. How Job response to their accusation, and
b. Finally, we see God’s response to their intense debates.