Voices for Revival – Study of Minor Prophets (Pre-Exilic Period)
Book of Habukkuk

Book on Habakkuk

The recent rise of Babylon over Assyria provoked terror among the people of Judah as the Babylonians swept the land westward towards them, but God was more concerned about the internal affairs of His people. Josiah’s reforms were short-lived and incomplete, and his son Jehoahaz was deposed by Egypt after only 3 months. His successor, who is his brother, Jehoiakim, was evil and rebellious. Habakkuk therefore saw the internal problems of violence, injustice, strife and conflict, disobedience to the law and the oppression of the righteous by the wicked. With internal and external problems, Habakkuk cried out to God,” Lord, why don’t you do something?” The prophecy records God’s response.

Babylon Empire


Habakkuk questions God about Judah’s sin being unpunished (Chp 1)

God’s reply that Babylon will be His means of judgment and Babylon would in turn be punished (Chp 1-2)

Habakkuk’s praise of God (Chp 3)

Key Themes:

Habakkuk's Key Themes

Man should live by faith and not by sight.

God wants Man to trust Him by faith.

God is a righteous God and will not tolerate sins.

Habakkuk is saddened with the sins of Judah and hopes that God will punish the evildoers.

God explains that He will raise up the fierce and arrogant Babylonians as His instrument of judgment upon Judah as evidence of His sovereignty over the nations.

Habakkuk questions God’s method of judgment.

God explains that Babylon herself will be judged for her wickedness and tells Habakkuk to record His revelation regarding the demise of Babylon so that everyone would know His just dealings with the wicked nation.

Habakkuk commits himself to rejoice in the Lord despite the worst of circumstances and proclaims that his confidence and rejoicing is in the sovereign Lord.

Key Verses:

Habukkuk's Key Verse