Guidelines for Newcomer’s Class

Checklist for teachers:

1. FCF Visitor’s Card (Ensure particulars of all newcomers are properly filled in before handing over to the Superintendent).

2. Class Attendence Record Book ( Ensure all records are updated).

3. Asia Evangelistic Fellowship Follow-Up Materials – (To be given away to all newcomers):

Book 1 – Going On With God.

Book 2 – Bible Doctrines.

4. A package comprising of the following should also be given to all newcomers:

(1) a copy of John’s Gospel.

(2) a copy of the latest issue of Fishers.

(3) a suitable Christian Tract.

(4) statement of our Christian Faith.

(5) schedule of our church meetings and times.

5. A copy of the Bible is to be given away to all new converts (Copies are stocked in the Sunday School cupboard).