Guidelines for Counselling

1. Apart from teaching Biblical truths, the Sunday School teacher is also called upon to give counsel to the Sunday School student in the various aspects of his/her spiritual life and practical living, so that he/she can grow and mature spiritually and lead a holy life.

2. Whenever any student encounters difficulty whether in his /her faith, spiritual or personal life, or departs from the truth of the Bible, he/she has to be counselled and helped speedily so that he/she may be restored. (This should happen irregardless of whether the student asks for help or the teacher discovers that the student is in need).

3. Should the student refuse the help or counsel of the Sunday School teacher, or in the process of counselling reject the admonition or advice of the teacher, the latter should refer the matter to the elder/s of the church.

4. When the Sunday School teacher finds that he/she is unable to handle the problem or that it lies beyond his/her jurisdiction, he/she should also quickly refer the matter to any elder. The teacher must not keep the matter to him/herself to prevent the situation from worsening and prevent more harm to the persons involved and the church.

5. When counselling, the teacher should take note of the following:

a) Do not counsel someone of the opposite sex alone in a secluded place. Even in the open, counselling a member of the opposite sex alone is to be discouraged. If it is really necessary to conduct the counselling in private, the presence of a third person is mandatory.

b) Apart from the social handshake, there should be no physical contact with a counsellee of the opposite sex.

c) Counsel according to the clear teachings of the Bible, consistent with the whole counsel of the Word of God. In case of any doubts, the advice of the church elders must be sought.

d) Any counsel or explanation with regard to faith and doctrine must be in line with the faith and doctrinal stand of the church; there can be no
room for contradiction.

Pastor Huang Ee Yuen

Recommended reading :

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6. People Helping People, by Harold Ewing Burchett, Moody Press.

7. Basic Principles of Biblical Counselling by Lawrence J. Crabb Jr, Zondervan Publishing House .

Other Helpful Books

8. Christian Counselling by Gary R. Collins, Word Publishing.

9. The Dynamics of Personal Follow Up, by Gary W. Kuhne, Zondervan Publishing House.

10. Encyclopaedia of Psychological Problems, by Clyde M. Narramore, Zondervan Publishing House.

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