God’s Redemption Plan – the Bible

Genesis (Chapter 1 to 11) – Be Basic
God’s Redemption Plan

The Bible:

1. Genesis is not just the book of beginnings, not just of the creation of the world, not just about the 1st man, Adam. It also a book which declares the institution of God’s Redemption Plan. This can be traced right from this first book of the Old Testament (Genesis) all the way to the last book in the New Testament (The Revelation).

2. While the scope of this morning’s presentation is limited to Genesis Chapters 1 to 11, it is important for completeness of basic understanding to make mention that God’s Redemption Plan as outlined in 3 parts in the Bible:

  • Revelation of Redeeming Purpose as presented from Genesis 1: 1 to 11:9 (ending with the Tower of Babel) which covers almost of the whole scope of the presentation by this class
  • Progression of Redemption which spans across the whole of the Old Testament, after Genesis 11:9 right through to the end of Malachi and then the whole of the New Testament up to Jude
  • Consummation of Redemption is foretold in the last book of the New Testament, The Book of Revelation.

God's Redemption Plan Unfolding

The Events:

1. You have heard from presentations of earlier sections covering 3 distinct periods from Gen 1:1 to Gen 11:32, namely (1) Creation to Fall; (2) Fall to Flood; and (3) Flood to Babel. While these periods may appear distinct and separate, each of them is not just a biblical record on its own.

2. The unifying and underlying themes of SINJUDGEMENT and GRACE connect these 3 periods. The sin of man dictates the need for God’s redemption while His grace points the way of it. Man’s sin invokes God’s Judgement, while God’s GRACE redeems us from eternal death.

God's Redemption Plan - Events

5 Patriarchs:

1. God’s Redemption Plan progressed through the remaining 3 Genesis patriarchs:

  • Abraham was specially blessed for his belief because God had a special plan for his life i.e. to be progenitor of the entire race, the race from which Jesus Christ (2nd Adam) would come
  • Jacob, the deceiver became a changed man, transforming from being conniving to a man who recognised that it is God who would bless him, and guide and direct his life. He became Israel (Gen 35: 10-12), a Prince with God. From him came the twelve tribes as God had promised his father, Isaac and his grandfather, Abraham
  • Joseph was well loved by his father, Jacob (Israel). There are many similarities/parallels between him and Jesus Christ which will not be articulated here.

God's Redemption Plan - 5 Patriarchs

God’s Redemption Plan:

1. The Progress of Redemption continues to unfold across the Old Testament to New Testament. God’s believers’ await the Consummation of Redemption as recorded in the Revelation.

2. God has the final say, not Satan. His Redemption Plan saves man from spiritual death. Acts 16:31 promises this “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. You and your household”.

God's Redemption Plan