Genesis (Chapter 12 – 25) – Be Obedient

Part 2 presentation on Genesis chapters 12-25 focus mainly on one man – Abraham. The Apostle Paul in his letter to the Galatian (NIV) Christians, penned the words “Consider Abraham :”. This is because Abraham stands out as one of the greatest Old Testament examples for the New Testament Christians. His name, Abraham, means “father of a multitude” and he is also known as father of the nation of Israel, father of the faithful, friend of God, spiritual father of all true believers, a man instrumental in the revelation of God’s plan of salvation. 14 chapters are used to set forth the life of this one man compared to the 11 chapters devoted to the history before him which covers about 2000 years.

We will learn more about Abraham this morning, but we must not miss the most important point here – the fact that Abraham is God chosen as a channel through whom God will reach the world with the message of salvation – it was from Abraham’s seed, the Lord Jesus Christ, that the whole world will be blessed.

The presentation has given you sufficient and interesting overview of the chapters coming your way in the months ahead… enough details to help you understand God’s plan of salvation that was first revealed in Gen 3:15 …. but broadly outlined in Gen 12:1-3, … beginning with God’s choice of Abraham.

God's Plan of Salvation Summary of Gen 12: 1-3

Notice here that unlike the case of the Flood where judgment came after 120 years of warning by Noah, this time God has chosen another method that would …because of His patience, long-suffering and grace, takes a much longer time to get His message of salvation to man – this process is currently on-going and has to-date, clocked nearly 4,000 years.

We have also just seen how the unconditional Abrahamic Covenant – with its promise of land, seed and blessing – is progressively unfolding the redemption plan of God through the various Covenants. These Covenants have their final promises fulfilled at the 2nd Coming of Christ, in the beginning of the millennium kingdom. Without these little understanding of the purposes and plans of God, it is difficult to connect and appreciate the Lord’s sovereign purpose of giving us our Bible.

God's Redemption Plan

As these Chapters 12-25 on mainly the life of Abraham is very narrative, we have deliberately left out any detailed discussions here on the strengths and weaknesses of Abraham; including his successes and failures, his trials and triumphs. We believe you will inevitably discover and discuss many of these learning points in your Sunday School Class.

Many lessons from Abraham

However, you should be encouraged to discover that while Abraham appears to be a spiritual giant, he is very much like a normal ordinary person like you and me – he had his weaknesses, but his weaknesses faded in the light of his strength because his eyes were always on God.

Alot of common lessons between Abraham and us

Abraham, the “Father of the faithful” is used by God to instruct us in the life of faith in this insecure and uncertain world. We learn that living by faith means obeying God’s Word, holding to God’s truth no matter how big the storm.
Hebrew 11:8 says : By faith Abraham obeyed …….

Thus, if you want yr faith to grow, be obedient.

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