Voices for Revival – Study of Minor Prophets (Post-Exilic Period)


There are many 3s in this presentation:
1) 3 post-exilic prophets
2) 3 invasions by Assyria and 3 invasions by Babylon
3) At least 3 empires in the political background
4) 3 batches of returnees
5) 3 reasons why building of temple was stopped for 16 yrs
6) Took us 3 months to prepare this
7) Lastly, the most impt 3: 3 major themes

3 Major themes

The major themes of the 3 post-exilic prophets are:

1) Immediate Restoration: Turning Point for Israel to come back from captivity.
Restoring people, restoring kingdom and restoring worship. It’s the beginning of Final Fulfillment in the End-times.


2) God’s Faithfulness: He keeps His promises and they will be fulfilled e.g 70 yrs captivity, King Cyrus, Sovereignty of God, Temple to show His presence. In the same way, God is faithful to prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled.

3) Future, Full & Final Restoration of God’s people and promises. For example,
– The nation of Israel will be fully restored in the End-times
– Christ will come again to save the nation of Israel.
– He will rule with His saints (that is Christians) in the Millennium.
– This physical world would end and we will be eternity that would last forever.